MCR Holdings


MCR Holdings helps companies experiencing difficulties and those seeking to optimise opportunities during periods of significant growth.


About Us


MCR is striving to build a repeatable formula to transform businesses and help staff realise the full extent of their potential. In each company we aim to provide innovation, active management development and fundamental improvement techniques from a strategic perspective through to the day-to-day operations.

The judgement of what MCR can do is best evidenced in the challenges it has undertaken and completed and from the views of our clients, partners and management teams. To date the transformation process has worked successfully in:

Consumer & Retail – designer fashion, sports nutrition, convenience stores, giftware, petrol stations
Manufacturing – chemicals, paper, plastics, printing, electronics, engineering
Technology – software, life sciences, drug discovery, internet platforms
Services – shipping, consultancy, TIC, fulfilment, logistics, property services Healthcare – medical supplies, residential care, education, social work
Healthcare – medical supplies, residential care, education, social work

The key focus of MCR’s revival process is in implementing sustainable performance and profit improvement.

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